Counselling for Adults with Learning Disabilities

Because we all deserve to be listened to


I have a Learning Disability

What is counselling?

Counselling is a place for you to talk to someone who is separate from everyone else. 

Anything you say to me is kept private except if you or someone else is in danger. 

I listen to you and you can talk about whatever you want.

Psychology Patient

What will we do together?

I don't tell you what to do. 

You tell me how you feel about things. 

You tell me what's on your mind. 

We work together to help you feel better. 

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What is it like?

We might draw pictures. 

We might play with objects. 

We might learn new ways to talk about things. 

We might talk about someone you miss, or love or hate. 

It's like having a social worker but I won't tell you what to do and you can talk about whatever you want. 

It is always up to you what we do, but I can't solve problems for you. 


Do you think counselling might be helpful for someone you know or work with who has a learning disability?

I offer specialised counselling for adults with Learning Disabilities in Dorset. I use skills and knowledge from my psychology degree and counselling qualifications and my years of experience working with adults with learning disabilities to create a service that allows clients who might struggle to articulate their feelings to have a space to learn this skill. They might want to talk about things but have no-one to talk to who doesn't care for them- I am here to listen. 

Often adults with Learning Disabilities are seen through statutory services which can take months and sometimes years of waiting. Most often, their mental health is forgotten whilst practical concerns are addressed through family and services. I believe that they should be able to experience the sense of comfort, sanctuary and unconditional positive regard that counselling can offer, just the same as anyone else.

I offer Easy Read contracts where needed so clients can consent to their sessions with understanding and support. I adapt my skills and techniques as needed to meet the needs of the client. Sometimes this means I use more interactive or visual tools like sand trays and creative tasks- these are all used in humanistic counselling but I adapt them to suit the clients needs. 

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