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Hi, Im Carley! If you have found my website it might be because you are looking for help with your life right now. You might be struggling with low self-esteem, relationship problems or anxiety. You might be shy, or unsure of your voice.

You may feel desperate and be looking for a hand to reach into the hole you feel you have found yourself in. 

I hope my page can offer you a small slice of warmth and comfort today. 

If your goal is to create balance, find a quiet sanctuary to explore yourself and feel comfortable with what you have to offer life (and what it has to offer you) then I might be the right counsellor for you. I work with you, offering warmth and kindness to support you to discover what you want your life to be. I offer time that is yours, filled with safety, kindness, information and humour.

Whatever you need to bring, however deep the sadness, pain or worry goes, I will be with you.

I work in Dorchester, Dorset and offer online, Telephone or face to face counselling sessions. 

If I sound like the right fit for you, contact me on the form at the bottom of this page, and we can arrange a chat to discuss what would suit you best. 


"We don't have to do it alone. We were never meant to."

Brene Brown

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