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Frequently Asked Questions: FAQ

How to I book a counselling session?

You can contact me using the contact form on the bottom on the main page of this website. If you fill in your details the message will come straight to me. If this isn't working for you, you can email me to request a call back at

How much does counselling cost?

My standard rate is £75 per session.

What is Humanistic Integrative Counselling?

This type of counselling is focused firmly on what you want to bring to the sessions, and doesn't put me as the counsellor in a position of power over you. Humanistic counselling works with the belief that everyone has the ability to change things to make themselves and their lives better.  Working integratively means that I can pull from the different approaches to find the way of working that you feel suits you best.

How do I find a counsellor near me?

I work in Dorset, England, and offer counselling face to face locally, in Dorchester and Poundbury. If you live further away and would like to try online sessions via Zoom I can offer this and we can discuss this if you include this detail in your contact page. If this isn't right for you and you want someone local you can use to help you find one.

What is an Integrative counsellor?

An Integrative counsellor is trained is several different approaches I.E Gestalt therapy, Transactional Analysis and Person Centred counselling. I work integratively- this means I can combine or change my approach to suit your needs and preferences.

How long does counselling take?

Some agencies and organisations offer a set amount of sessions, but it's generally accepted that counselling takes different lengths of time for different people. All my sessions are 50 minutes which is the standard length of time but I don't have a set number I offer unless this suits you. It's up to you!

Am I wasting my counsellors time?

This is a question we tend to ask in our heads for a while when we are thinking we might need help. Let me say clearly- absolutely nothing you discuss in our sessions is wasting my time. When we work together, this is your time and what you bring to our sanctuary is up to you. I am here for you- there is no big or small problem that makes you more worthy of help.

How many counselling sessions do I need?

As many as you want! It's up to us to decide together if you want to try some for a little while or if you want to commit for a bit longer. You might try a few and decide you want to stay longer and that's ok. You might think that's enough for what I want to work on now, and that's ok too. I don't have a limit on the number of sessions I will offer if you want them, so if you have something long term, or you want to be able to dip in and out we can talk about that too.

Is counselling really for me?

The beauty of counselling is that it starts with a shared and negotiated agreement where we figure out what you're looking for and how we can work together. On top of that, we regularly review this and we can change how we are working or what's not working for you as we go. This might help you decide if what we are doing feels right for you, and its important to remember that you aren't tied in for life! You can stop if it doesn't feel right or talk about it to make it work better for you. sometimes you can feel worse before you feel better with counselling, but this means you are doing the hard work that will pay off. And you won't have to do it alone because I will be there with you.

How often will I see you?

Most of the counselling sessions I offer are once weekly. However, there might be occasions where two weekly or once a month suits you best, and we can talk about this. This is normally for clients who have worked with me for a long time, and want the support of top up sessions without the need to commit to weekly sessions. Once a week is standard for counselling.

Is counselling the same as CBT?

No- both of these approaches involve talking but CBT is focused on finding strategies to allow you to cope with what's bothering you. It often means that homework is set for you to practice these behavioural strategies outside of sessions, and less time is given to exploring where the feeling might be coming from. Counselling is more about finding out why you have the problem you are experiencing and dealing with it so it is manageable/reduced/resolved. As an integrative counsellor I use some CBT techniques sometime and mix this with counselling skills to best suit your needs, but I always work with you on what you want to.

Can I refer someone for counselling?

Yes you can, but only with their permission. I only work with over 18's and so the person needs to have consented to the referral for us to work together. If you want to refer someone who might be too nervous to reach out themselves, you can include this information on my contact form. 
For Clients with Learning Disabilities I have Easy Read contracts to help them to give consent and understand the process. Please ask for this on the contact form.
Please do not refer people without talking to them first and checking that this is what they want.

Im worried about opening up and talking about my problems- how can you help me with that?

Firstly, hi and give yourself some credit because you have done something hard if you have found my page- you have started to look. I was really nervous before I met my counsellor for the first time, so I can definitely relate! It's scary to open up to anyone, but I can tell you that it feels easier with a stranger like a counsellor than it does with the people around you who are involved in your life. Give me an email, let me know you're nervous but you want to talk and we can work it out together.

Ive never been through a traumatic experience- could I still benefit from counselling?

Yes! I believe anyone can benefit from counselling, and I've seen this first hand. As people we store up experiences, feelings and events, regardless of whether we or others call them trauma. These all feed into who we are, and sometimes don't serve us as well as they once did. If you have anything you would like to explore, you want a space for yourself or want to work on something specific these can all be supported with counselling.

Do Counsellors keep information about their clients?

If we work together, I will record basic information that is necessary for us to work safely and appropriately together. I do not share this with anyone else unless legally justifiable, and this is all discussed as part of our contract. I do to and will not use this information to contact you inappropriately or market myself, nor do i sell the information. It is all held in line with GDPR regulations and my own privacy policy; you can download a copy here.

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