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Get to know me a little

I am a fully qualified counsellor, trained in Humanistic Integrative Therapy. There's a bit more about what this means on my FAQs page, but at its heart it means that I believe we all have the potential and ability to achieve positive change and growth given the right conditions, and so I strive to offer these conditions in our sessions. Working integratively means I have a few different theories with their own tools and tips that I pull from in sessions based on what suits you most. 

I live in Dorset and have done for my whole life, and I love the earthy beauty of where I live, especially for dog walks!

I am an introvert at heart, and enjoy the one to one connection that counselling offers. I've struggled with self-esteem a lot in my life, and I know what it feels like to really struggle to think of yourself positively, so if feeling good about yourself feels out of reach for you right now I hope it helps to see that I've been there too! 

​I am a registered member of the BACP, I am fully qualified in therapeutic counselling and also have a BPS accredited Psychology degree, which means I have a good understanding of a wide variety of mental health difficulties, I'm held to account to practice ethically and safely and i've worked hard to get good qualifications to be a counsellor, because its what i'm really passionate about. 


I try my best to make counselling with me an enjoyable experience, where we can have fun together, laugh and work on the things that mean the most  to you. 
I know that the best part of my own therapy sessions was feeling really seen without judgement- so this is exactly what I offer you. No judgement, no telling you off, no forced seriousness. Just two people together, working on the things that you care about.

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