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This space is dedicated to helping you to start loving yourself. 

Self Esteem is all about how we view ourself- and i've learnt through my wonderful counselling clients, our great instagram community, as well as my own experiences, that a lot of us don't view ourselves very kindly

In fact, a lot of us struggle to name something we even like about ourselves. 

Sound familiar?

I don't think any of these resources here are a substitute for the work we do together in therapy. I also know that there are lots of reasons stepping into the regular commitment of counselling sessions might not suit where you are right now.

And that's ok.

That's why I wanted to create other ways you can work on this relationship- whether you're looking to dip your toe into that journey for the first time, or you're hoping to top up the work you've already done, there might be something here for you. 

If you want to build a better, more accepting relationship with yourself, here might be a good place to start

This self study workshop is split into three modules and accompanied by a workbook, so you can work on understanding how your shyness and self esteem are intertwined in your own home, at your own pace. 

This series is perfect for you if you want to start feeling more comfortable being seen and receiving attention

Developed and presented by two therapists; Laura Wood and Carley Symes (me), who have both personally experienced lots of shyness and difficulties with their self esteem, and have supported many clients with these feelings and issues. 

The Self Love Hub Workbook

This workbook is focused on building a better relationship with yourself and learn to show acceptance and curiosity towards all parts of yourself.


Covering topics to help create effective and sustainable self care and compassionate inner communication, this workbook can support a lasting positive change in your self esteem. 

Combining information and education, with practical activities and reflection prompts, you'll grow your confidence in loving yourself. 

This will be available to Purchase Summer 2024!

Workshops and retreats

Exciting things to come! 

This year I'm planning to be able to offer you some safe, cosy spaces to work in small groups on your relationship with yourself.


Some of these will be held in Dorset, making the most of the natural beauty and the chance it offers to reflect and rejuvenate with the seasons. 

Sign up to my newsletter to find out when these are ready for you!

Free Mini Workbooks

These are short and sweet, with activities and information centred around particular times of year and the self care that we can cultivate based around them.


Free to download by clicking on the icons below, if you are a newsletter member you receive these when they come out as part of your monthly email.


Connect to the Wild 

A mini workbook with ideas for connecting with nature and using the world around you to support your mental health


Your Valentine

Valentines day can bring up a lot whether you're in a relationship or single. This mini workbook looks at cultivating love no matter what on this special day

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