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Module one front page.png

A 30 minute psychoeducational video + accompanying reflective workbook activities to:

  • Explore your unique experience of shyness and grow your self-compassion.

  • Understand what shyness is and why you experience it through a psychological and biological lens. 

  • Consider what authentically feels important to you and how you want to be.

Module Two front page.png

A 40 minute psychoeducational video + accompanying reflective workbook activities to:

  • Be open and honest about how you see and value yourself currently.

  • Identify and understand your own cycle of shyness and self-esteem so that you can break away from it. 

  • Be reflective on how past experiences may have shaped how you relate to yourself and others

Module three front page.png

A 1 hour psychoeducational video + accompanying strategic workbook activities to:

  • Uncover how you would feel if shyness wasn’t a limiting barrier to find who you authentically are. 

  •  Practice strategies to calm the shy response when it shows up so you can welcome new and wanted experiences. 

  • Learn the power of self-talk and begin to shift how you communicate to yourself to grow your self-esteem. 

Once you purchase the series, you will receive an email from Laura with the three downloadable workshop recordings. You will also receive a file of the workbook so you can print it, edit it or work alongside it however you want.

You will have access to the series forever, so you can work through things at your own pace and re-visit parts whenever you want. 

Perfect for anyone who feels intimidated by sharing on a group course as so many of us experiencing shyness do!

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