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Counselling with me

I offer face to face sessions in Dorchester, Dorset and I also offer online and/or telephone counselling to clients living anywhere in the UK. 

Scroll down to read more about both options to see which suits you best.

In-Person Sessions

I have an office in Dorchester, Dorset with free parking outside for face to face sessions. This is outside of the town centre so it's much quieter and more private. If you like working with someone in the room, like to see a whole person and feel them with you, or don't have a private space at home this might be the best option for you.

Online or Telephone Sessions

Our online session would be held over Zoom so you will need a safe and private place to have our sessions and a strong enough internet connection to have a video up. For phone sessions a good enough phone signal for a call is needed and enough data or minutes from your phone to be able to make the call for 50 minutes. If you feel most comfy at home or want to flexibility to have counselling wherever you are this option might be best for you.


  • 15/20 minutes Initial Phone consultation- Free

  • Standard 50 minute counselling session (online, telephone or in person) - £75


What happens next?

Not sure what to do next?

That's completely ok! 

Heres a bit of a breakdown of what you can expect:

  • You fill in the contact form to let me know you are thinking about starting counselling with me- let me know a bit about what you're looking for or what's on your mind and your availability. 

  • I will email you to let you know I've received your message and offer a few dates to set up a phone call. This phone call is free and usually lasts about 15/20 minutes. We chat to start to figure out if we want to work together and arrange our first session. 

  • I send you a copy of my contract that includes payment information and if you are in person it has my address on it so you can find me! You pay for your sessions a week in advance and payment is done via bank transfer.

  • In our first session we go over our contract and you sign a copy if you want to carry on. I ask some questions to find out more about you and get some details. 

  • Once this is done, we go at your pace to work together on what you want to talk about. I tend to work with people for quite a long time, and we get to know each other and build a good understanding of you.

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